Rattle Me Bones race kit pickup and other details


Pour les gens qui font la course des squelettes ce we portez attention au courriel reçu ci bas! La course a changé de place et il n’est pas possible cette année de ramasser les races kits le matin même 
Vous devez aller vendredi ou samedi à l’hôpital général les chercher !!
Merci et à dimanche !!!
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Hey there Rattle Me Bones Runner!



Race day is coming up quickly on Sunday October 29th, so here are some important things you need to know for the event.


If you are registered for ANY EVENT EXCEPT FOR THE JIGGLEBONE 1K, your race kit pickup will be available at The Ottawa Hospital General Campus at 501 Smyth Rd in the Critical Care Wing. You can pick up your kit on Friday October 27th between 5:00-7:00pm, or Saturday the 28th from 10:00am-2:00pm. Parking will be available in the Critical Care Wing parking lot which is marked on the map below.

When you come to pick up your race kit, please be aware that if you registered in an under 18 and over 65 event, we will be asking you to provide a valid photo ID to show your age.


Jigglebone 1k participants, you don’t need to pick anything up ahead of the race- just arrive at least half an hour before the event on race day.


The race times are:

                - Half Marathon Crazybone (untimed event) @ 8:00am

                - 10km Wishbone @ 8:30am

                - 5km Funnybone @ 9:30am

                - 1km Jigglebone (untimed event) @ 10:30am


The routes for each race can be found on our website http://rattlemebones.ca/races/. There will be parking available at the Aviation and Space Museum on the day of the event. Please arrive at least a half an hour before the start of your event.


If you are using a wheelchair, handcycle or other wheeled assistive device, please contact us at RattleMeBones@toh.ca. You will have a separate start time and we want to make sure that we are accommodating all runners in our events.


Costumes for the run are more than welcome. There will be costume prizes for Best Kids Costume, Best Adult Costume, and Best Team Costume.


And finally, please remember to ask your friends and family to donate to the event! They can donate to you as an individual, to a group you create, or just donate directly to Rattle Me Bones and the Valerie’s Flutter Foundation here https://www.crowdrise.com/rattlemebones2017.



Thank you all for your support for Rattle Me Bones, fighting bone cancer- one step at a time!

-Your RMB Planning Committee



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